About Us

About K-Town Macaron...

K-Town Macaron makes handmade, limited batch French macarons using only the finest ingredients. Our macarons are inspired by the Korean "fatcaron" style of using generous fillings and well-balanced flavors that aren't overly sweet, yet still grounded in classical French technique. The name, K-Town Macaron, is a nod to our roots and a love for Korean macaron culture.

Based in a home kitchen in Golden Valley, MN, K-Town Macaron is a proud Minnesota Cottage Food Producer. All products are homemade and not subject to state inspection. 

Offerings rotate with new flavors launched on a regular basis. Custom orders are welcomed with consultation and K-Town Macaron would love to be a part of your upcoming celebrations.

About the Baker...

Jolynn Wilkinson is the owner and macaron baker who started her macaron journey as a hobbyist in 2018. Re-discovering her passion for baking and the exhilarating challenge of macarons, K-Town Macaron was born in 2021.

She first developed her love of food and cooking in her pre-school years, watching Julia Child and Martin Yan with her father. Her mother and grandmothers all enjoyed baking and she loved coming home from school to help in the kitchen. Her mother is an award-winning baker for her Scandinavian cookies at the famous Minnesota State Fair, so you could say baking runs in the family.

In 2021, Jolynn carried on the State Fair winning legacy placing 1st, 2nd and 5th in the Ethnic, Gluten-free, and Sandwich Cookie classifications, respectively. She also won the distinguished American Swedish Institute award, which recognizes one baker in the Ethnic Baking class. In 2022, Jolynn saw success again at the State Fair, taking home three more ribbons on each of her entries, two in 1st place and one in 2nd place for her macaron creations.

As a Korean adoptee, Jolynn always had a fondness of Korean food and found it as a way to connect with her culture. During her obsessive research in all thing’s macarons, she discovered the 'Fatcaron', a double or triple stuffed macaron with whimsical flavors that gained notoriety in Korean bakeries. This less sweet version allowed the flavors to shine without being overpowering and she was hooked on the beauty and lusciousness of the Fatcaron. While still offering more traditional size fillings (although still thick by some standards), Jolynn hopes to bring Fatcarons to the Twin Cities for all to enjoy.

The name, K-Town Macaron (aka Korea Town), is a nod to her roots and a love for the Korean macaron culture.

Jolynn grew up in South Minneapolis and went on to spend 14 years in New York City, where she graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and started her career in buying for Saks Fifth Avenue and later for Amazon. She moved back home to the Twin Cities in 2017 and currently spends her days baking macarons by the boatload and hanging out with her tiny pup, ZuZu.

Awards & Recognitions 

2022 Minnesota State Fair

  • 1st Place in Gluten-Free Cookies
    • Passion Fruit Mango Macarons
  • 1st Place in Sandwich Cookies
    • Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Macarons
  • 2nd Place in International Cookies
    • Hotteok Macarons (based on a Korean treat, with flavors of honey, cinnamon and walnuts)

2022 Baker's Box Participant

  • National tour to bring awareness to AAPI bakers around the country and raise funds for local charities. 
  • 18 Bakers are selected from each city to contribute a pastry item that makes up the Baker's Box.

2021 Minnesota State Fair

  • 1st Place in Ethnic Cookies
    • Toasted Coconut Key Lime Macarons
  • 2nd Place in Gluten-Free Cookies
    • Salted Caramel Macarons
  • 5th Place in Sandwich Cookies
    • Christmas Morning Brunch Macarons
  • American Swedish Institute Judges Special Recognition Award in Ethnic Baking
    • Honor awarded to best baker overall in the Ethnic Baking categories